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    Google Adsense Latest Update Rollout on 20 February 2023

    Google Adsense Latest Update Rollout on 20 February 2023

    Google Adsense, the popular online advertising platform, has announced a redesign of its Sites page, which will be rolled out from March 20, 2023. The Sites page is the starting point for anyone looking to monetize a new site in AdSense. The redesign comes with changes to the types of sites that can be added to AdSense, with some existing subdomains being removed from the platform.

    Going forward, AdSense users will only be able to add domains (such as website.com and website.net), subdomains whose domain is listed on the public suffix list (such as site.appspot.com), and sites that are managed by AdSense platform partners (such as site.blogspot.com) as “sites” in AdSense. Subdomains that are part of an existing site on the Sites page will be removed from the platform. This change will not impact ad serving or earnings.

    The new Sites page will show a list of sites in a table with search functionality, similar to how sites are shown elsewhere in AdSense. The new design will make it easier for users to review which sites have subdomains, as the subdomain annotation will be visible in the table. Blocking controls for subdomains will be promoted to the domain level, with any existing blocking controls for a subdomain being applied to the domain level.

    AdSense is also adding a new ads.txt column to the Sites table to show the ads.txt status for sites. This feature will help users quickly determine if their sites are compliant with ads.txt requirements.

    The new design will also bring faster feedback for certain types of issues that are found with sites during the initial review process. AdSense users can expect to receive faster site review times, with improvements being made to the review process over time.

    AdSense is continually looking for ways to improve the performance and usability of its platform, and user feedback has helped shape the changes listed above. AdSense users are encouraged to provide feedback to help improve the platform further.

    Users who wish to adjust their settings can refer to AdSense site management. The changes outlined above will be automatically implemented for AdSense users after March 20, 2023. If users wish to opt out of the changes, they can click the link in the email sent by AdSense before March 13, 2023. If users opt out, their subdomain blocks will be deleted.

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