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    Best Selling KDP Low-Content Book 2023

    It’s difficult to predict exactly what the best-selling KDP low-content book of 2023 will be, as it depends on trends and customer preferences that can be unpredictable. However, based on current trends, here are some potential ideas for best-selling KDP low-content books in 2023:

    Planner and Journal Combo: A combination of a planner and a journal is a unique offering that can appeal to people looking for an all-in-one solution. You can create designs that cater to different interests and needs, such as fitness, business, or creativity.

    Doodles and Drawings: Doodles and drawings are a great way to relax and unwind, and the popularity of adult coloring books suggests that people enjoy low-effort high-reward activities. You can create books with fun and quirky doodles or simple drawing prompts.

    Mindfulness and Gratitude Books: As people continue to prioritize self-care and mental health, mindfulness and gratitude books can be popular. You can create books with prompts for daily gratitude, mindfulness activities, or inspirational quotes.

    Word Games: Word games such as crossword puzzles, word searches, and Sudoku continue to be popular, especially among older demographics. You can create books with themed puzzles, such as movies or travel, to appeal to different interests.

    Customizable Planners and Journals: Customizable planners and journals that allow customers to add their own text or images can be a unique offering. You can create templates that allow for the customization of covers or pages, which can be appealing to people looking for a personal touch.

    Remember to research your target audience and create unique and visually appealing designs to stand out in the market. Best of luck with your publishing endeavors!

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